04Nov 2014

Michel Mercier Detangler Brush Reviews

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 photo NoTanlgeBrushReviews_zps23848ad3.png I purchased the No Tangle Brush from Michel Mericer because I am very tender headed and so is my 5 year old daughter. She saw the commercial a few weeks ago, for this brush, and has been begging me ever since to get the brush so that we could both try it out. My daughter and I both have very long and very thick hair that gets super tangled. We also get very painful knots at the back of our necks for some reason and it is awful to brush through.

We finally received our brushes in the mail (the ones for thick hair) and they work great. I won’t lie, it still catches a little, but it really doesn’t hurt. Personally, I love this brush and I now use it everyday. My daughter even thanks me for getting “the best brush in the world”. All in all, this is a great detangling brush and it really is painless for me and my daughter to use.

I would definitely recommend the No Tangle Brush to a friend. It is inexpensive, so I can’t find any reason not to give it a shot. I am more than happy with my purchase.

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29Oct 2014

Facebook Contest — Turbo Roaster Giveaway

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Hi guys! I know this is a Beauty blog, but who doesn’t like to win free stuff? My friend is having a giveaway once her page reaches 5,000 likes, and you could win! All you have to do is like the page and submit your name and email address, incase you are selected as the winner. Hopefully, one of you guys wins! Good luck!

Just click the picture to take you to the Facebook page.


24Oct 2014

No Tangle Brush As Seen On TV

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Tangled hair? Painful brushing? Frustrating hair loss? Not anymore! Out with old ordinary brushes! Michel Mercier has created the revolutionary Ultimate Detangling Brush. Designed to gently detangle your hair in seconds. Unlike ordinary brushes with only a few contacts points, Michel Merciers Ultimate Detangling Brush uses 428 different contact points simultaneously reducing pressure and detangling your hair with fewer strokes. The perfectly placed bristles easily flow through your tangled hair like no other ordinary brush. Even thick, coarse, stubborn hair is no match for the Ultimate Detangling Brush.

No more frustrating hair, just smooth pain-free detangling. Reduce hair loss and breakage with one brush. The Detangling Brush comes in three styles to match all hair types: pink for fine hair, green for normal hair, and blue for thick hair. Three brush styles, one result. Get the Detangler Brush now for only $14.99.

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23Oct 2014

No Tangle Brush Reviews From Real People

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Detangler blue brush sparkle

I bought the No Tangle Brush for my 12 year od who has yet to understand that long hair means somewhat hurtful hair pulling from tangles and knots. She would complain all the time that it hurt to brush her hair, and when she saw the commercial she asked if we could try it.

This brush is actually working quite well though, and though not 100% hurt free, enough so that brushing her hair is no longer the argument and fight that it was without it. I would say overall it does what it promises to do, detangles without as much pain.

I would definitely recommend this brush to a friend. I think that any way we can help our children is worth it. The brush is only $15 dollars, which isn’t much more than other brushes, and it actually works!

Order Your Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush Here!

02Oct 2014

The Best Detangler Brush Just Got Better!

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Sparkly Michel Mercier Detangler Brush

My favorite detangler brush now comes in a SPARKLY version! Could this brush get any better?!

I love my sleep and at night after I shower, I barely blow dry my hair. So, when I wake up in the morning it is so tangled. I had a really hard time brushing it. It hurt so bad! Then a friend bought me the Michel Mercier Detangler Brush for Christmas and it made detangling my hair so much easier!

It is not completely pain free, but it is such an improvement. I think that as long as you start at the bottom and work your way up, this brush works perfectly. I like that the handle is long and easy to hold. It work great whether my hair is wet or dry and it never slips from my hand.

I use it on my niece too (who turns four today OMG). She hated having her hair brushed before we bought this and now she sometimes will fall asleep while I’m brushing it that’s how easy it is.

Did I mention how much I love the new design? It is so cute and I love that it’s sparkly!! These will make great gifts this year for Christmas for anyone.

I will be placing my order today + will post pictures as soon as I get my new sparkly brush!

I’d love to hear what you think of the new design, or your thoughts on the brush overall!!

You Can Order This Amazing Brush Here!

30Sep 2014

Michel Mercier Review & Demo

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The Michel Mercier Detangler Brush is amazing. It is used to brush through knots and tangles in the hair with greater comfort and relatively no pain at all. The difference between this brush and a regular brush is the different heights/levels of the combs on the brush head. An average hairbrush will have all the bristles/combs at just about the same height/length, whereas this detangling brush’s combs/bristles are at varied heights. This is exactly what detangles your hair and makes it pain free, without doing any unnecessary damage to the hair.

This is a great video to demonstrate how the brush works and what real people think.

24Sep 2014

No Tangle Brush Upgrade!

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GSP copy

The Detangler Brush is getting even better with its amazing upgrade. The brush now comes BEDAZZLED. Everyone could use a little more sparkle n their lives and the No Tangle Brush gives just that. The upgraded brush works just as great as the original, but with sparkle and shine.

The brush makes for a great gift. I have given it to many of my friends who would have never tried it and now they love it. I use it every morning on mine and my daughters hair to get all of the tangles out. I always have a lot of tangles in the back of my head after sleeping and this is the only brush that works to get them all out.

It used to be super painful to brush our hair. With this brush though, it has made mornings so much better. There’s no more tears or tangles!

I wouldn’t recommend this brush if I didn’t think it really worked. I use it everyday for everything. It gets the job done pain free and everyone is happy.

Learn more about the upgraded brush here!

20Sep 2014

Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush Pros and Cons

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I have been using the No Tangle Brush for well over a year now and I definitely think it works. This is an As Seen On TV product that I highly recommend and would definitely share with a friend. Many of my friends actually purchased it after they used mine and saw how well it worked.

Pink DetanglerDetangles Hair Effortlessly
Virtually Pain Free
Less Damage To Hair
Available in Different Colors
Durable + Sturdy
Fairly Inexpensive
Efficient Design
Perfect Packaging

Slippery When Wet
Can Not Use With Heat
Slow Delivery Time


Order Your No Tangle Brush Here!

19Sep 2014

Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush

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untangleyourday_detanglebrush_michelmercier_thebestwaytodetangleyourhairThe Mericer Detangler Brush is something that I use everyday. I like this brush because it really does a great job of detangling without pulling your hair out, or tugging on your scalp.

My sister actually stole it and took it on vacation with her this week, and I realized how much I actually love and use it. I like to detangle my hair after I blow dry it and this week I used a comb and it was so incredibly painful. I can’t wait for her to get back so I can get my brush back!

My hair is sort of thick, but I use the brush for normal hair because I didn’t know which one to buy when purchasing. The normal brush works really well and does a great job detangling.

Learn more about the No Tangle Brush here!

17Sep 2014

Fall Hair Ideas to Give You a Fresh Look

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The obvious— Update Your Color!

Red is always a daring style to try in the fall. I died my hair red in the beginning of September and I love it. It was so worth the risk! If you are going to get it done though, go to a stylist and get it done right. Red is a hair color you don’t want to mess around with if you don’t know hair color. I like to use Roux Color Refresh Mask to keep my color in too. I mix the red and burgundy because I have dark hair and I love the hint of purple it gives.


Make it Shine!

You may not even know it, but summer months do some serious damage to hair. To help restore hair, try using a deep conditioner. The Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is what my hairdresser uses when I get my hair done and it works great. It’s a little pricey though. A cheaper version that I really like is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditoner. Leaves you hair feeling so soft and smooth and I’ve noticed that it greatly helps with my split ends.


Do Something Bold!

Try something different. If you have never tried extensions, fall is the perfect time to start….just not on a windy day! I love extensions. I have multiple sets for different purposes. My plain old everyday extensions are from Secret Extensions. I have to wear two of them because they are a little thin. My favorite for special occasions is Luxy Hair. These are super thick and come in separate pieces for perfect placement. If you dare to try something REALLY different then try Jessica Simpson Clip-In Bang. They are great for totally changing your look!


Be Totally Sheek!

If you have not yet tried a totally pulled back bun or a pin straight pony, now is the time to do so. Blow hair out straight and be sure to use heat protectant. When you are done wait a few minutes for your hair to flatten a little. Add a dime sized amount of smoothing serum and pull your hair pack into a sleek bun. A very fine-toothed comb can help you to achieve that sleek look. If you have awful flyways like me, don’t forget to use some hairspray. It really works if you apply it with a toothbrush.


Don’t forget the Accessories!

I always feel like my hair is slightly boring. Even if I style it and it looks great, I still feel like something is missing. Well that’s because we often forget about accessories. They can totally change your look and revamp your style. So, don’t forget those headbands or headpieces during your next night out with the girls….or even just tomorrow at work.


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