Detangling Brush Vs. Tangle Teezer

My hair is very thin and prone to breakage, especially since I just had a baby. I’ve been taking vitamins and eating right but it is taking much longer to grow back then it did with my first child. So, while I’m detangling my hair I have to be extra careful so that I don’t end up losing a ton of hair in my brush. I tried the Tangle Teezer awhile ago and didn’t really like it. It was very slippery and is made for right handed people. I’m a lefty so it was pretty uncomfortable. It also sounds like you are ripping out your hair while you are brushing with it. So, after giving that a go and not loving it, I tried the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush.

I ordered it a few weeks ago now, and have used it for long enough to write a good review about it. The Mercier Detangling Brush comes in 3 different colors for all different hair types including: Pink-Fine Hair, Green-Normal Hair, Blue-Thick Hair. What makes these three brushes different is the flexibility of their bristles. The pink brush has the most flexible bristles because it is for the finest hair, and the blue one is the least flexible because it is for the thickest and most tangled hair.

The Mercier Detangling Brush has been the best brush I’ve found for my hair yet. After using it my hair is no longer frizzy, doesn’t get as tangled, and there is virtually no hair left in my brush. I have the fine pink brush (below) and it seems to do a great job. I used it on both my wet and dry hair, and it definitely works better on dry hair (wet hair is more prone to breakage, so that is probably why). I also noticed that compared to the Tangle Tweezer, it does a much better job detangling the underside of my hair because the bristles are a little less flexible. The Mercier Brush will be better for thicker hair than the Tangle Teezer because the Tangle Teezer is just too flexible for thick hair. I know because I’ve tried it on my friends too.

Overall, you could probably tell that I think the winner is the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush. It’s a great price and does exactly what they claim it will. With this product, brushing is pain-free, quick, and definitely more enjoyable.

Check Out the Detangling Brush Here!

Detangling brush

Pain-free hair detangling
Reasonable Price
Seems very durable and sturdy
Suits all hair types: fine, normal, and thick
Comes in three bright colors
Much less damaging than other brushes

Gets slippery when the handle is wet
Cannot use with heat (but heats bad for your hair anyway)


Tangle teezer

Cuts down detangling time significantly
It does a good job of getting the shed hair out
You can now buy it locally

It makes this harsh sound which can make you think you are ripping out your hair
Made for right handed people
There’s no handle
It gets really slippery and flies out of your hand


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