Looking For the Best Hair Brush?

The wrong brush and styling tools can make your hair look dry and frizzy. They can also do some serious damage to your hair. So if you are wondering whether you need a new hair brush, you’ve came to the right place. Let me help you find the best brush for your hair.

Using the wrong styling tools can throw off your look all together and even seriously damage your hair. Are you using the right hair brush? How do you know which one is right for you? Let My Best Friend’s Hair guide you in the right direction.Product view

The Best Paddle Brush: Professionals find that the Best Paddle Brush of 2012 is the Mason Pearson $170 dollar brush which is an absolutely ridiculous price. Although it is supposed to be a wonderful do-it-all brush, they are out of their minds if they think us “normal” folks are going to pay that much for a brush. The best and cheapest alternative that I’ve found would have tobe the Denman Paddle Brush for smoothing and grooming all hair types from medium to very long hair. The best part is that it’s only $11.95!



The Best Round Brush: The Fekkai Large Round Brush is said to be one of the most amazing brushes for drying. It is handmade in France and provides maximum styling control while blow-drying. I personally don’t care how or where it was made, I just know that there is no way a hair brush needs to cost $60. So I’ve found a great alternative. The Brushlab Orange Ceramic Thermal Jumbo Hair Brush is only $13.95 and it works even better than the brush above I think. It makes blow-drying quick and easy. My hair is no longer frizzy anymore either!



The Detangler Brush: I personally love the Michel Mercier Detangler Brush. I never used a Detangling Brush until this one so I never noticed the damage that other brushes were doing to my hair. With this product brushing doesn’t hurt, there is no hair left behind in the brush, and best of all my hair feels thicker and frizz-free! It’s only $14.95 too, what could be better than a brush does it all for that price?

Get the Mercier Detangler Brush Here!


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