Detangler Brush Reviews — It Really Works!

Pink DetanglerLove Love Love! They have a beddazled version of the Michel Mercier Detangler Brush now. I actually use this brush everyday and I think it’s great. The first day I used it, I noticed a dramatic difference. I think it’s the best brush that I have ever used. After years of searching for the perfect brush to painlessly detangle my crazy tangled hair, I have finally found it!

I have seen a lot of complaints and negative reviews out there, so I wanted to address them. I have heard that the brush is slippery when it’s wet. For starters, I have yet to have that problem. Second of all, you are not supposed to brush your hair when its wet! It does so much more damage to it than dry brushing. Another thing I have heard is that it rips your hair out. Well…you are going to have hair left in every brush because your hair naturally falls out. You lose something like 50 to 100 a day. So, it’s no surprise that there is hair left in your brush! Finally, I have heard problems with shipping. Well, personally, I had no problems with shipping. The brush took about a week and a half to arrive, as promised.

My only downfall with this brush is that it is super loud. It definitely sounds like you hair is ripping out (it’s not though!). I think that there are just so many more bristles than other brushes, and that’s possibly why it’s loud when brushing.

Overall, I really enjoy this brush and am glad that I purchased it. I never had a problem with customer service, now did I have any bad impressions of the brush itself! So go ahead and order your adorable bedazzled Detangler Brush today!

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