Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush

untangleyourday_detanglebrush_michelmercier_thebestwaytodetangleyourhairThe Mericer Detangler Brush is something that I use everyday. I like this brush because it really does a great job of detangling without pulling your hair out, or tugging on your scalp.

My sister actually stole it and took it on vacation with her this week, and I realized how much I actually love and use it. I like to detangle my hair after I blow dry it and this week I used a comb and it was so incredibly painful. I can’t wait for her to get back so I can get my brush back!

My hair is sort of thick, but I use the brush for normal hair because I didn’t know which one to buy when purchasing. The normal brush works really well and does a great job detangling.

Learn more about the No Tangle Brush here!


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