No Tangle Brush Upgrade!

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The Detangler Brush is getting even better with its amazing upgrade. The brush now comes BEDAZZLED. Everyone could use a little more sparkle n their lives and the No Tangle Brush gives just that. The upgraded brush works just as great as the original, but with sparkle and shine.

The brush makes for a great gift. I have given it to many of my friends who would have never tried it and now they love it. I use it every morning on mine and my daughters hair to get all of the tangles out. I always have a lot of tangles in the back of my head after sleeping and this is the only brush that works to get them all out.

It used to be super painful to brush our hair. With this brush though, it has made mornings so much better. There’s no more tears or tangles!

I wouldn’t recommend this brush if I didn’t think it really worked. I use it everyday for everything. It gets the job done pain free and everyone is happy.

Learn more about the upgraded brush here!


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