No Tangle Brush: Is it Worth the Money?

No Tangle Brush: Is it Worth the Money?

The Claim:

Michel Mercier, the maker of the No Tangle Brush, says that this brush can detangle your hair in seconds, both smoothly and painlessly. They claim that you can use just a few strokes to get the job done. It is available in three different varieties, based on your specific hair type so that it provides a custom job. They further state that using their brush means that you will have less breakage and hair loss caused by brushing.

The Cost:

The No Tangle Brush is listed at $15, which isn’t a bad price for a detangler brush, but there are other charges in the fine print that many do not read. There is a $6 shipping and handling cost, which brings your total to $27 dollars. The other downside is that you can only purchase two of the exact same brushes for the price. However, you can purchase in store and avoid shipping costs altogether. However, if you purchase in store, you won’t get two brushes for the price of one.

My Evaluation:

The Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush has worked like it is supposed to for me and my daughter. We tried it the day we received it in the mail and have used it everyday since for detangling. The claim that there is no breakage or hair loss is not completely true, but there is definitely much less damage with this brush, than any other brushes we have used. We have noticed that there is much less pulling on the scalp, so brushing is less painful overall. As for the price, I have no complaints. In my opinion, this product is really worth the money.  It is a great product that actually does what it says, and makes the struggle to brush my daughters hair much less difficult.

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