Long Term Review Of the Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush

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I have been using this brush for months now, and I actually still love it!

I purchased the Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush about 6 months ago. It took literally forever to ship to me, but it was well worth the wait (even though I hate waiting)! I got the brush that is for medium hair because I though that would work best for my hair type, and it did. I have to say that it is a MUST that you get the right brush for your hair type, or I don’t think it works so well.

I tried a friends brush for “thick” hair and it sounded like it was doing much more damage then my regular brush, and a lot of my hair was left behind in it. So, you must must must get the right brush for your hair type for it to work best.

After months of using the detangler, I still feel like it’s pretty great. My hair is so much easier to comb through and detangle now. I start at the bottom and slowly move up my hair, to help prevent fallout and additional damage. I think the price is also very fair for a product that actually works.

This is definitely the most pain free option that I have found to detangle my hair in a less damaging and more pain-free way. I like to couple it with Natural Oil No Tangle by Macadamia Oil sometimes. It is the best detangling spray I have ever used, and I really love the smell too!

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