My Thoughts

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’m very skeptical and critical of products I’ve seen on TV. Usually when I receive the product it’s either nothing like the picture, or doesn’t work. However, I actually think this product is pretty wonderful.

I hated brushing my hair! The battle that my brush and hair would have sometimes left me in tears. My hair gets so tangled and knotty throughout the day that I don’t even want to comb my fingers through it because it’s so painful. So finally I caved in and bought the Detangler Brush from Michel Mercier and I’m incredibly pleased with the results. It’s so easy to brush my hair now, especially after windy days. I noticed that even after several brushes there are no hairs left in my brush. It is pain-free and an overall good experience. My hair is much less frizzy too, that’s always been a problem for me, not anymore though.

Here are pictures of my brush, I have fine hair so mine is pink:

Pain-free hair detangling
Reasonable Price
Seems very durable and sturdy
Suits all hair types: fine, normal, and thick
Comes in three bright colors
Much less damaging than other brushes

Gets slippery when the handle is wet
Cannot use with heat (but heats bad for your hair anyway)

Have you tried the Detangler Brush yet? If so, what do you think?