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09Jul 2013

The Ultimate Detangling Brush…For Horses?

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I think that this brush works like magic. If any of you are horse owners out there, you know just how thick and tangled horse manes ALWAYS are. Well, now you don’t have to struggle. I find that this brush with just a few quick swipes untangles horse hair with ease. My horse is a kicker, so it is always a struggle to try and brush her tail, but this makes it a lot quicker and easier to do and she struggles a lot less. That makes me think maybe it doesn’t hurt her as much. Whatever it is I don’t care because she is not as displeased with having her hair brushed and now I’m not either.

I think horses definitely need the brush that is meant for thick hair of course and that is exactly the one that I purchased. A lot of my barn mates also ordered it (and I know it isn’t just for their horses). It is a little pricey but I would much rather have something I know is going to work, plus it lasts a long time. I’ve had it for almost a year and a half and their is no damage. It still has all its bristles and in no way does it show signs of falling apart. I think this brush works better because it has a handle unlike many brushes that fit in the palm of your hand.

I think that the only downfall I have found with this brush is that it is slippery when it gets wet, but you really aren’t supposed to brush hair anyway when it’s so I guess that really isn’t that bad. I can’t wait to go to shows and show off my amazing new hair brush! Hopefully, I can show everyone their just how great it is and they will help out their horse and get one too!

Here she is!!!

Get the Amazing Detangling Brush Here!


06Aug 2012

Michel Mercier’s No Tangle Brush

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The idea for a life-changing new brush that would end the pain of brushing and decrease hair-loss came to Michel Mercier while he was brushing his 12 year old daughter’s hair. It was then when he realized the constant pain and struggle that both men AND women face with their hair everyday. As a professional hair stylist and father, he knew there had to be something he could do, and that’s when it came to him. He decided to change the relationship that people have with their hair so he created the revolutionary Michel Mercier Detangling Brush.

This brush is much different than ordinary brushes. The patented design includes 428 bristles positioned at different levels with a unique distribution for maximum results. The Detangling Brush helps to spread the pressure of hair brushing more evenly, resulting in easier detangling, less hair loss, and end to breakage, and an overall better hair brushing experience.

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27Jul 2012

No Tangle Brush As Seen On TV

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Tangled hair? Painful brushing? Frustrating hair loss? Not anymore! Out with old ordinary brushes! Michel Mercier has created the revolutionary Ultimate Detangling Brush. Designed to gently detangle your hair in seconds. Unlike ordinary brushes with only a few contacts points, Michel Merciers Ultimate Detangling Brush uses 428 different contact points simultaneously reducing pressure and detangling your hair with fewer strokes. The perfectly placed bristles easily flow through your tangled hair like no other ordinary brush. Even thick, coarse, stubborn hair is no match for the Ultimate Detangling Brush.

No more frustrating hair, just smooth pain-free detangling. Reduce hair loss and breakage with one brush. The Detangling Brush comes in three styles to match all hair types: pink for fine hair, green for normal hair, and blue for thick hair. Three brush styles, one result. Get the Detangler Brush now for only $14.99.

Order Your Detangling Brush Here!

10Jul 2012

Looking For the Best Hair Brush?

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The wrong brush and styling tools can make your hair look dry and frizzy. They can also do some serious damage to your hair. So if you are wondering whether you need a new hair brush, you’ve came to the right place. Let me help you find the best brush for your hair.

Using the wrong styling tools can throw off your look all together and even seriously damage your hair. Are you using the right hair brush? How do you know which one is right for you? Let My Best Friend’s Hair guide you in the right direction.Product view

The Best Paddle Brush: Professionals find that the Best Paddle Brush of 2012 is the Mason Pearson $170 dollar brush which is an absolutely ridiculous price. Although it is supposed to be a wonderful do-it-all brush, they are out of their minds if they think us “normal” folks are going to pay that much for a brush. The best and cheapest alternative that I’ve found would have tobe the Denman Paddle Brush for smoothing and grooming all hair types from medium to very long hair. The best part is that it’s only $11.95!



The Best Round Brush: The Fekkai Large Round Brush is said to be one of the most amazing brushes for drying. It is handmade in France and provides maximum styling control while blow-drying. I personally don’t care how or where it was made, I just know that there is no way a hair brush needs to cost $60. So I’ve found a great alternative. The Brushlab Orange Ceramic Thermal Jumbo Hair Brush is only $13.95 and it works even better than the brush above I think. It makes blow-drying quick and easy. My hair is no longer frizzy anymore either!



The Detangler Brush: I personally love the Michel Mercier Detangler Brush. I never used a Detangling Brush until this one so I never noticed the damage that other brushes were doing to my hair. With this product brushing doesn’t hurt, there is no hair left behind in the brush, and best of all my hair feels thicker and frizz-free! It’s only $14.95 too, what could be better than a brush does it all for that price?

Get the Mercier Detangler Brush Here!

05Jul 2012

Detangling Brush Vs. Tangle Teezer

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My hair is very thin and prone to breakage, especially since I just had a baby. I’ve been taking vitamins and eating right but it is taking much longer to grow back then it did with my first child. So, while I’m detangling my hair I have to be extra careful so that I don’t end up losing a ton of hair in my brush. I tried the Tangle Teezer awhile ago and didn’t really like it. It was very slippery and is made for right handed people. I’m a lefty so it was pretty uncomfortable. It also sounds like you are ripping out your hair while you are brushing with it. So, after giving that a go and not loving it, I tried the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush.

I ordered it a few weeks ago now, and have used it for long enough to write a good review about it. The Mercier Detangling Brush comes in 3 different colors for all different hair types including: Pink-Fine Hair, Green-Normal Hair, Blue-Thick Hair. What makes these three brushes different is the flexibility of their bristles. The pink brush has the most flexible bristles because it is for the finest hair, and the blue one is the least flexible because it is for the thickest and most tangled hair.

The Mercier Detangling Brush has been the best brush I’ve found for my hair yet. After using it my hair is no longer frizzy, doesn’t get as tangled, and there is virtually no hair left in my brush. I have the fine pink brush (below) and it seems to do a great job. I used it on both my wet and dry hair, and it definitely works better on dry hair (wet hair is more prone to breakage, so that is probably why). I also noticed that compared to the Tangle Tweezer, it does a much better job detangling the underside of my hair because the bristles are a little less flexible. The Mercier Brush will be better for thicker hair than the Tangle Teezer because the Tangle Teezer is just too flexible for thick hair. I know because I’ve tried it on my friends too.

Overall, you could probably tell that I think the winner is the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush. It’s a great price and does exactly what they claim it will. With this product, brushing is pain-free, quick, and definitely more enjoyable.

Check Out the Detangling Brush Here!

Detangling brush

Pain-free hair detangling
Reasonable Price
Seems very durable and sturdy
Suits all hair types: fine, normal, and thick
Comes in three bright colors
Much less damaging than other brushes

Gets slippery when the handle is wet
Cannot use with heat (but heats bad for your hair anyway)


Tangle teezer

Cuts down detangling time significantly
It does a good job of getting the shed hair out
You can now buy it locally

It makes this harsh sound which can make you think you are ripping out your hair
Made for right handed people
There’s no handle
It gets really slippery and flies out of your hand

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